Home is not the house you happen to live in, but your most intimate relationships.

You can’t install democracy like computer software. It has to be grown.

Consciousness is one boundless edge. It has no fixed center. The brain, since it is a network, also has no center: it is one massively complex edge. The edge of the brain is the center of activity.

Brain hardware: billions of dumb interconnected neurons.
Brain software: the neural network economy.

Communication is the economy of the brain.

No one connected neuron is as smart as all interconnected neurons.

Neuroscience peers into the mind and sees the brain. Not quite right. Neuroscience peers into the mind and relates what it sees to the brain. It is true that science never just ‘sees’ its object of study: science always alters it. ‘A seeing that transforms’.

Nature continues on in her merry way, oblivious to us humans, and blind to itself. Science transforms our habitual ways of understanding reality which we subsequently take as transforming reality itself. Reality itself is not altered by science.

Science softens up mystery in preparation for discovery.

Success still needs to be managed.

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