“Learning doesn’t happen to you” – Lorimer Moseley

The team at One Thing asked 10 experts in pain medicine to share the one thing they want people challenged by pain to know about.

View Lorimer Moseley’s response.

Interview with Lorimer Moseley on One Thing


One Thing is an experiment.
We don’t know where it will lead. But we are clear on one thing: getting these incredible ideas ‘out there’ has amazing potential to help people (people challenged by pain, their loved ones, clinicians, researchers, academics etc!).

A brief interview will be released each Friday!

One Thing is the initiative of Dr Joshua Pate, Dr David Kennedy, and Dr Lincoln Tracy.


2 thoughts on ““Learning doesn’t happen to you” – Lorimer Moseley

  1. From this brief interview with Professor Moseley, I was left with the distinct impression that he believes there are untapped resources within each person experiencing persistent pain which can be harnessed to achieve a positive outcome. In other words, their “over-protective pain systems” can be tamed and their pain re-framed as a protective device.

    We have critically examined two video presentations in which Professor Moseley canvasses these and other views. Here is the link to our critique: https://painlosophy.wordpress.com/2020/10/25/tame-the-beast-does-this-metaphor-really-work/?fbclid=IwAR1iPjuaPIjK7xsWZwyuKAhcs38ubS7JAW80byoQ-kXk7L0FScY6f_Ulfdg

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