In Taiwan, exhaustion is a way of life. Who am I to challenge tradition?

‘intimacy’ and ‘home’ are synonyms.

Identity of mental states and brain states does not imply the relationship is 1 to 1. That is one claim made in addition to the identity claim, and something we need to determine empirically. The identity claim is a philosophical claim.

Can you suffer a pain for an instant? When pain persists, and hope that it will stop soon fades, then suffering begins. Suffering is the cognition, ‘No, please stop now’. A spontaneous scream of pain is a primitive affirmation of life itself. But is a scream of pain a suffering? I would say: when a scream of pain changes to a moan, there is then both pain and suffering.

When self-control loses to pain, there is loss of hope, then suffering. A thought for those in chronic pain and their families!

Like pain, suffering is an invader. Pain invades my body, suffering invades my mind.

My mind is not my brain, but mental states are brain states.

Can a single pain event induce learning the concept ‘pain’?


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